Sunday , 25 February 2018

All Video Content is Not Created Equal

There has been a great deal of talk around video metrics on social media, such as average view time, completion rate, etc. But really, companies should be focused more on the quality of the video content. The classic quote somewhat applies: “if you build it, they will come” – however, make sure the thing you’re building will resonate with the intended audience.

Customization is key. You can reuse content, however not all content is meant for all platforms equally. Variations, yes, but make sure you adapt to the platform and understand your consumers’ behaviors.

Here are some guidelines to think about when creating video content on different platforms:


  • Types of video that perform best: Informative, fun videos, or shortened versions of commercials, tailored for brand love and product awareness
  • Caveat: Most videos are viewed (originally) without sound and they auto play
  • Tips: Use precise targeting for key audience, upload natively to platform; make it visually appealing and have brand logo/signage visible around the 3-5 second mark


  • Types of video that perform best: Teasers and behind-the-scenes equal short exclusive content
  • Caveat: Also autoplays without sound (tap to hear sound), links do not work within copy only in profile
  • Tips: Use for brand building and utilize supportive apps such as Hyperlapse, Boomerang and cinemagraphs.


  • Types of video that perform best: GIFs, Vines and teaser videos; utilize clear CTA’s (call to action) in the copy attached sometimes with links that direct you to view more content
  • Caveat: Autoplays without sound
  • Tips: Focus on CTA’s and building one-to-one relationships with followers, have community managers check mentions often and set a KPI of response time; keeping within the video-topic, great platform to create personalized video responses (i.e. Old Spice campaign)


  • Types of video that perform best: Timely, in the moment, fun and light-hearted content
  • Caveat: Use space as designed: vertical video; 10 second limit that lasts 24 hours
  • Tips: Utilize this platform for giveaways, sneak peaks, behind the scenes extra content that compliments your other brand platforms; embrace humor and filters that fit within the look and feel of the platform


  • Types of video that perform best: Longer content that’s educational, such as how-tos, testimonials as well as a hub for full commercials
  • Caveat: More of a destination from another source
  • Tips: Organize your channel with playlists so people can easily find different types of content within the hub; utilize SEO/tagging opportunities for discovery

In general, leave ‘big and epic’ for the TV productions, but make sure you get behind the scenes footage at commercial shoots, keeping bite-sized content and teasers in mind going into it. Small and scrappy is the ideal way to go within the social space, and try not to overthink it.

Key takeaway: Give content creators direction, while providing an opportunity for them to use their creativity and ability to humanize the subject matter, to produce exclusive variations for specified platforms within the guidelines provided.


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