Saturday , 20 January 2018

How to Make SlideShare Work for Your Business [Infographic]

SlideShare, owned by LinkedIn, is more than just a website for speakers’ decks. The platform is also an ideal place to upload presentations, documents, videos, and infographics – in fact, more business owners frequent SlideShare than the other popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter – which means your business should be on it, too.

That said, it takes more than a handful of slides thrown together to get traction on SlideShare. The same as any other piece of content, each upload needs to be thoughtfully created and optimized so people can find it. SlideShare does help lesser-known users get found by manually curating standout content for its homepage. It also posts two topics each month for users to create and upload presentations and try to be featured on the homepage.

However, there are additional ways to boost your SlideShare presence – follow the tips in this infographic to more effectively use SlideShare to reach more of your audience online.

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