Sunday , 25 February 2018

Pinterest Lets Users Know if Ideas Are ‘Tried and True’

Pinterest users: Have you ever looked at an idea Pin and wondered if anyone has actually tried what it is suggesting?

Now you will know: The social network introduced tried and true ideas Tuesday, in which a green smile icon indicated how many users have tried the ideas in Pins, as well as individual users, so the curious can see if any of their friends have already tested the waters.


Pinterest writing and content strategy manager Evany Thomas said in a blog post:

If you’re thinking about adding a new bauble to the tree, or maybe debuting a new holiday tradition or dish, start your experimenting with an idea that people have already tried and given their stamp of approval to—like this confirmed doable cactus tree dangler, or this universally devoured fresh green bean casserole, or these weirdly great elf-on-the-shelfies.

Pinterest users: What are your thoughts on this new feature?


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