Sunday , 25 February 2018

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How and Why Referral Marketing Works (Infographic)

Even before the advent of social media, word of mouth was well documented as the most effective form of marketing. This remains true in the digital world, and many social media users place their trust in recommendations from friends and family. It’s also a big reason why influencer marketing has become …

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The Life of a Twitter Influencer [Infographic]

While Twitter may not be the most utilized social media platform, it’s still one of the most effective and relevant channels to start online conversation – and maybe even spark a social movement. At Webfluential, I often give advice to influencers on their social value and how they can improve it. While …

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How to Become a Successful Social Media Manager [Infographic]

Would you like to become a successful social media manager? Are you looking for tips to guide you through your new career path? Social media has become immensely popular in the past 5 to 10 years – there are now over 2.307 billion social media users worldwide who are active on networks like Facebook, …

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The Evolution of 360 Photos on Facebook [Infographic]

360 photos are essentially a virtual tour around the environment where the original photo is captured. With this feature, you’re able to come up with spectacular images that enable your connections to view your surroundings in an interactive manner. And with Facebok’s latest take on the option, all users are able to …

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The Art of Turning Instagram Likes Into Sales [Infographic]

Are you wondering how to convert those Instagram ‘Hearts’ into actual revenue for your business? “Instagram isn’t for every company, but when it’s done right, it can drive regular sales. If you have a growing Instagram profile that gets some engagement, but you’re not sure how to translate those likes, comments, and follows into sales, …

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10 Twitter Secrets You Should Know [Infographic]

Twitter is a great platform to share your thoughts and opinions, interact with people in your niche and to promote your business or brand. However, even if you’re an active Twitter user, you may not know all of the Twitter secrets that can help you improve your social media presence. Here are …

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