Sunday , 25 February 2018

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Social Media Quick Tip: LinkedIn Recommendations

In this tip, we’re talking about one of my favorite reasons to use LinkedIn, and that’s LinkedIn Recommendations. In the video I show you my profile and what the recommendations look like. You’ll see that recommendations are in LinkedIn in multiple places. They’re under each one of your titles so …

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3-Step LinkedIn Social Selling and Lead Generation Process

Does social selling seem too difficult or time consuming to include as part of your daily routine? Do you need an effective daily lead generation plan that produces results and is designed for your busy schedule? Social selling is just another way of saying lead generation. It’s an essential part …

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7 Ways to Generate More Sales Using LinkedIn

As someone who makes his living teaching professionals how to utilize LinkedIn to generate more business for themselves, I remain convinced that the platform is one of the most exciting – and misunderstood – business opportunities available right now. For whatever reason, LinkedIn can’t seem to shake the notion that it’s “only” a place to find a …

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6 Myths That Are Killing Your Ability To Get Business From LinkedIn

As someone who spent 48 straight months studying how to sell products and services using LinkedIn, I’ve seen some incredible success stories. I’ve also run across the same six misconceptions about the platform over and over again. My hope here is to put those myths to rest once and for all, along with showing you how to …

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