Sunday , 25 February 2018

The Life Of A YouTuber [Infographic]

I recently shared an infographic titled An Influencer’s Guide To The Galaxy with the Social Media Today audience. Over 1000 shares later, I realized that influencers have evolved past the world of being lumped into one category. I’ve had more requests from YouTubers over the last few days than ever before, mostly around understanding their suggested rates and influencer scores – which is what we do over at Webfluential. To answer all those questions in one place I decided to create another infographic, this time around YouTubers specifically.

If you head over to Google Trends and play around with the search term ‘YouTuber’ or ‘Vlogger’ you’ll notice that the last five years has seen a huge spike in interest. People are curious to know more about the life of a YouTuber. Just recently Google released an entire study around how YouTube has changed the world, it’s titled Meet Gen C: The YouTube Generation. If you read the study you’ll see this quote ‘Gen C creativity is made up of two parts; first, there’s the act of creating something, and second, the act of sharing it, with both parts facilitating self-expression.’

This infographic explores the life of those that create. If you have any question feel free to Tweet me.



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